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I wish the stupid human didn't always move around so much

My stupid human is a strange one. It seems to travel rather frequently. And it seems to have some odd and grandiose plans for upcoming travel. But as part of my job, i at least get to accompany him around the place. So here is a selection of where he has dragged me in september.

Off we went on a Night train from Hamburg to Belgium...

...before i got to spend a few days in Aberdeen whilst it attended a 'conference', though I think it was just an excuse to get drunk.

For reasons still unknown to me, they leave the pedals too far away for smaller people like myself. It's discrimination. I mean, how am i supposed to hotwire fancy Italian sports cars if i can't then reach the pedals?

It was a sad moment, but we had to have a last drink before my dear friend flew off to Zambia. Lucky girl.

After all that faffing about, it was back to Europe via St. Pancras...

...though watching France fly by from the Eurostar gets boring after a while...

...and 30minutes in Bruxelles isn't even time for me to get a drink, though it is probably just as well...

...as my stupid human was off to the European central bank in Frankfurt to laugh at some finance people (according to him, anyway. I think he was laundering money).

After that, we shot up to Berlin where i was treated to a brief sightseeing by night, here at the Brandenberg Gate and then the Riechstag before we finally went home.


I must admit, that by the end I was somewhat dizzy and travel sick. I wish he would stay in one place, just occasionally.

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Hello, everybody. My name is Clive.


I am the cousin of Clive - we have a strange family tree - who took care of my stupid human on one of his previous trips, from Hong Kong all around South East Asia and back to Sweden via China, Russia and the German World Cup in 2006, and who sadly died a painful death 2 years ago. I have been handed the dubious 'pleasure' of taking my cousin's place, and travelling around with the stupid human, trying to stop him getting stabbed, shot, deported, imprisoned, excommunicated, liquified, defenestrated, or, worse, married.

This is my - mostly pictoral - tale.

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