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Off to sea

It has been a long time,my dear friends, for which I can only apologise. I could give you any number of excuses, though i'm sure all I really need to say is that it was the Stupid Human's fault. As you may recall, the last time I spoke, I had just spent an hour or so freeing my rear end off on an early morning ferry whilst I watched Europe melt into the darkness, whilst being told that I wouldn't see it again for some time.

After a brief meeting with my dear mother in London that same day, we headed back to the SH's family home, where I took stock of the situation. Clive, i says to myself, we need to prepare. there is no chance at all that *it* will, so you'll have to prepare for all eventualities yourself. I took stock of my emergency cash supplies, nothing with a rueful look that whilst I had a number of currencies, most were European, and thus unlikely to be much help to me in the near future. I got some food in, checked the first aid kit, and was almost comfortable with my preparations when I overheard the SH canceling his mobile phone contract, as he was going somewhere with "no coverage", and I am ashamed to admit that I almost started to panic. What on Earth was the SH, getting himself, and, more importantly, me, in for?


And so, the day of reckoning arrived. We got on the train, and I settled back for the journey, still not knowing where on Earth we were going.So it was with some surprise that barely an hour later, we got off in,seemingly, the middle of nowhere. The SH looked pleased with himself. I looked bemused. "Who on Earth” i asked "what want to come to Castle Cary to live?"


"Don't worry, Clive" it said. We won't be here long. "Lucky escape, there then" I thought. Sure enough, a short while later and we were on another train, a rickety old thing creaking through the country for some time, until eventually I caught a glimpse of the sea and remembered his comments about the ships.

But then, i thought, "Weymouth?!. All that fuss and we are only going to the Channel Isles?". I even started to say a much, in a condescending tone of voice as well, but it just smiled at me in that superior way that Humans seem to have. A taxi ride later and I started to understand:


Portland? Oh. That can mean but one thing, I finally realised. And though it said nothing, I knew that as soon a we were on board the ship, I could find out quite easily. Which I did.


"RMS St. Helena" said the ships name, and i finally understood his comments about sea-sickness. Comprehension came flooding over me and this journey might take us some time. I didn't understand why it had decided to keep me in the dark, and after telling him so, I wandered off. in a bit of a huff, even, I might add. And just watched as Humans probably nowhere near as stupid a my one (why did it have to be ME that ended up with the awkward one?) finished loading the ship, and also checked out the escape equipment. After all, one can never be too careful



Soon, it was even getting dark, and finally, whilst the SH stuffed his face (and did it ask if I required nourishment? Don't be silly) and all I could do was watch England slowly disappear into the night.



This poor Elk is already missing his snow and Lingonberries.

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